Short, Shorter, Way to short!

Is it a new trend or is it stupidity. Dresses, skirt, or tunics so short people can nearly take a look at their VaJayJay.  At Prom Night I saw dresses whish were way to short. I saw a girl in Maastricht wearing
a T-shirt as a dress and it was just long enough to cover her butt.  They can’t take a seat, can’t bend or walk upstairs without showing everything down-under.

Why are girls doing this? Do they really need this kind of attention at such a you age. I hear complaints all the time like: “Have you seen that old man staring at me?’ etc.  ect. But isn’t that their own fault? Man stay man, whether they ‘re young or old.

Is it really their fault? Who’s to blame for this? Parents, shops, magazines?  Actually I don’t care, but this has to stop!

So what’s your opinion on this matter?

xoxo Romy


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