Save the last dance for me

Here are some pics my mom made last Friday. My dad and I had a dance test and we passed! I’m offically on the bronze level now. Doing the Cha cha The Jive (or djive) I’m not sure, but I think this was a rumba Another Cha cha And another rumba Of course I did … Continue reading

Review: Something tiny, but very effective..

I’m trying to keep a lot of variation in my post, so I thought it was time to throw in a beauty review. I wanted to do this one for a little while already. I even made the picture a few weeks ago; I found some information on the site. It was in Dutch so I … Continue reading

Wie de schoen past…

I was thinking about buying similar ones at Topshop until I found these two at Sacha’s today! I fel in love with chunky heels and the grey ones are exaclty the pair I was looking for. They’re really comfortable and I don’t have to worry about spraining my ankle, because of the wide heel. The brown … Continue reading

Short, Shorter, Way to short!

Is it a new trend or is it stupidity. Dresses, skirt, or tunics so short people can nearly take a look at their VaJayJay.  At Prom Night I saw dresses whish were way to short. I saw a girl in Maastricht wearing a T-shirt as a dress and it was just long enough to cover … Continue reading

Moshi Moshi Pop Phone

Do you miss the old times, where you had to hold a big handset? Yes, those times are back! This upgraded handset is definitely going to be your best (communication) friend at the office or at home. Give your working place a little boost by picking one of the bright colour or keep it nice … Continue reading

The Intake

I’m entering a new stage in my life. Next year I’ll be studying at Fontys University of Applied Science in Tilburg. As you may have seen I was doing some preparations for an intake at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries, because I very much like to study International lifestyle Studies. Yep, I can hear you … Continue reading