Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly

Wiiiiiiiiihooooooo, I passed my driving test Friday!!! OMG I was sooo nervous. My examiner told me afterwards he was afraid I wasn’t able to drive out of the parking zone, hahaha. But it turned out to be a 100% better than he expected! I’m so glad I passed, because now we can go to Scotland, … Continue reading

Musthaves: These dark summer days

Musthaves: These dark summer days by Amice.Mozo featuring sheer stockings Where has the summer gone? I don’t like it when the Earth is skipping seasons. Since the weather feels like Autumn I made a collage of clothes which are more suitable for this kind of weather condition. xoxo, Romy

Show me some love

Finally I mannage to claim my blog on Bloglovin. So from now on you can follow me on bloglovin!! xoxo, Romy