Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly

Wiiiiiiiiihooooooo, I passed my driving test Friday!!! OMG I was sooo nervous. My examiner told me afterwards he was afraid I wasn’t able to drive out of the parking zone, hahaha. But it turned out to be a 100% better than he expected! I’m so glad I passed, because now we can go to Scotland, … Continue reading

Musthaves: These dark summer days

Musthaves: These dark summer days by Amice.Mozo featuring sheer stockings Where has the summer gone? I don’t like it when the Earth is skipping seasons. Since the weather feels like Autumn I made a collage of clothes which are more suitable for this kind of weather condition. xoxo, Romy

Show me some love

Finally I mannage to claim my blog on Bloglovin. So from now on you can follow me on bloglovin!! xoxo, Romy

Save the last dance for me

Here are some pics my mom made last Friday. My dad and I had a dance test and we passed! I’m offically on the bronze level now. Doing the Cha cha The Jive (or djive) I’m not sure, but I think this was a rumba Another Cha cha And another rumba Of course I did … Continue reading

Review: Something tiny, but very effective..

I’m trying to keep a lot of variation in my post, so I thought it was time to throw in a beauty review. I wanted to do this one for a little while already. I even made the picture a few weeks ago; I found some information on the site. It was in Dutch so I … Continue reading

Wie de schoen past…

I was thinking about buying similar ones at Topshop until I found these two at Sacha’s today! I fel in love with chunky heels and the grey ones are exaclty the pair I was looking for. They’re really comfortable and I don’t have to worry about spraining my ankle, because of the wide heel. The brown … Continue reading

Short, Shorter, Way to short!

Is it a new trend or is it stupidity. Dresses, skirt, or tunics so short people can nearly take a look at their VaJayJay.  At Prom Night I saw dresses whish were way to short. I saw a girl in Maastricht wearing a T-shirt as a dress and it was just long enough to cover … Continue reading